Background of the attorney

Shaun Tommy

Shaun Tommy is the founder and owner of Shaun Tommy Attorneys. Shaun Tommy was admitted as an attorney at the Pretoria High Court. The law firm is based in Brakpan, suburb Dalpark, Gauteng Province.   Shaun Tommy has obtained his Bcom Law Degree and his LLB from UNISA.  The firm offer legal services in civil law, criminal law, wills, estate, nuptial agreement, labour matter and more. We focus on providing our clients with the best possible solution to winning their case. As such we place emphasis on working long hours to ensure that our clients are successful in their legal matter without billing our client for the additional time spent on their case. We develop close relationships with our valued clients to ensure that they have a trusted law firm by their side. 

The firm's BEE status level: 100 %

Shaun Tommy founder and owner of Shaun Tommy Attorneys