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*(mandate: a form that our firm provides our clients that contains the client’s personal information, the firms terms and condition, legal fees and other contents).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Law Q&A

We issued a letter of demand to the Debtor (person that owes you money). If the debtor does not reply within the time frame as indicated in the letter of demand, we proceed with summons. 

Summons is a legal document with the Plaintiffs and defendants details which standard laws. The particulars of claim in the summons contains the jurisdiction of court the course of action and the prayers. 

If the matter is undefended (the Defendant does not defend the matter)

The legal process as follows: 

  1. Letter of demand.
  2. Summons
  3. request for Judgment.

Up until this stage about 3 months.

Thereafter, you can proceed with Warrant of execution or Section 65.





If the Defendant defends the summons and the matter proceeds to trial. At trial you will have to appear at court.

The case is heard at court. Both parties will be given an opportunity to present their cases through their attorneys. 

The magistrate will thereafter give judgment. 

Judgment: is the outcome of the case.

At Magistrates court, Yes. 

You will have to attend consultation at our firm and a pay a deposit to begin the legal process. 

When the Defendant receives the summons, the Defendant will have to serve a notice of intention to defend within the prescribed time frame indicated in the summons (usually 10 court days). 

When summons has been served on the Defendant and the Defendant does not defend the matter. We request for default judgment. The court may grant default judgment as the defended did not defend the matter.